Spinning Gum, 3 years old. After 2 years in the ground, it grows showing silvery round juvenile foliage around branchlets. It has not been fertilised neither irrigated for 26 months, growing 0.80 meters height during last growing season. First flower buds appeared at age 42 months. This species is prone to leaning towards the light. It will be pollarded to retain juvenile foliage.
Cider Gum, 2 years old. After 6 months in the ground and being heavily fertilised with gradual release NPK 8-24-16 granular mix at planting hole and regularly watered during the worst of summer heat, it has put 1.5 meters of height growth in just one growing season. Staked to encourage straight growth in a wind prone corner of the garden. It will be pruned and pollarded to retain juvenile foliage.
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