Homework is not Serving its Purpose

Learning institutions have for a long time been using homework to help students learn and discover new things. These assignments have had a major impact and have been part of a student’s final grade in their class. To succeed in their learning, students have over the years been forced to take their homework assignments seriously. Although they were initially used as a punishment, homework tasks evolved to become part of the assessment that students must go through before moving on to the next class.

Take-home assignments and tests have been helpful to students in various ways. As they practice doing these questions, it has also presented a learning opportunity for them. Over and above that, students have used take-home tasks to revise for their exams. Assignments have also been given to prepare them for future studies and topics. In the process of doing so, students have learnt many skills that have also been integral in their lives.

The Rise and Decline of Homework Importance

To encourage students to revise and keep reading, teachers have widely used homework as a catalyst in that direction. These have been great moments of learning with parents also coming on board to help their children realize their dreams. Here are some of the ways that homework has proved to be vital for learners:

  • Helping students remember what they learnt in school. It was a great information-retaining strategy that boosted students’ ability to remember things taught in the classroom.
  • A great way through which students are assessed by their teachers. As students independently did their assignments, teachers could tell their level of understanding.
  • Homework teaches students personal development skills such as time management and organizational skills. The ability to do and deliver assignments on time is a defining moment for learners.
  • These assignments contributed to student’s overall success and achievement that came with a sense of responsibility

With the growing rise of colleges and other institutions of learning, competition has grown in academic circles. This pursuit of excellence amidst competition has shifted the way people look at things. Today, students have used all means to get what they want. It doesn’t matter to them whether they understood the homework assignment or not. As long as they can access help and get what they want, it is enough for them.

There have been many assignments issued out by tutors but they have not produced a positive impact on learners. At the sight of these tasks, students get overwhelmed and may do little to learn anything out of them. Technology and the internet have made available solutions to them that can quickly fix their assignments. As a result, learners can easily submit their assignments without learning anything in the process.

Final Thoughts

There are goals and objectives to be met in every assignment. However, homework seems to have lost the initial intent with the advent of technology and the internet. Instead of helping students to learn, homework has encouraged laziness because little effort has been applied by students to get these tasks accomplished.